Wisconsin Sobczaks' Gallery

Below are some photo galleries, select a gallery to browse by clicking on the album cover or title.

Deer cam

Deer Camera

Deer camera images, horses and other animals included.

Philmont Scout Ranch

Philmont camping trip with Keith, Jacob, and Chris.

Chris' Vancouver Hiking Albums

Some albums from Chris' hikes while studying at Simon Fraser University.

Peak of Coliseum Mountain

Cathedral Mountain

Hike up Lynn Valley, past Norvan Falls, camped on Coliseum Mt and did Burwell and Cathedral in the morning (lost all pictures from attempt 2).
Facing Northeast into Coquitlam Lake

Bunzen Lake

My friend Brendan and I took an early morning hike from the base of Bunzen Lake, up Eagle Ridge, over Mount Beautiful and down Swan Falls.
Cathedral from summit of Mt Bishop

Mount Bishop

September 2020 Birthday camping trip starting from Seymour Ski Resort, hiking under Mt Elsay to summit Mt Bishop. We descended the West face of the ridge and walked the Seymour Valley back.

Pitt River Hot Springs

For my last camping trip in the Vancouver area, we rented a 4 person canoe, put it on the top of a Prius and canoe/biked up the Pitt Valley to Pitt River Hot Springs.